Genesis of Glendale Breaks Down These New Sedans

If you're a driver from the Glendale or Los Angeles area and are in search of a new sedan, it's likely that you've been considering Genesis. Genesis is a brand highly regarded for their attractive design, serious features and performance-driven attitude. That's why our team takes pride in our ability to deliver a healthy inventory of Genesis models to the region.

When it comes to your automotive purchase, it's important that you pick a model that can fit your lifestyle needs. For that reason, you may be wondering the difference and similarities of the 2019 Genesis G70 and 2019 Genesis G80.

2019 Genesis G70


2019 Genesis G80

What Are the Differences Between the 2019 Genesis G70 and 2019 Genesis G80?

Both sedans offer a peak automotive experience that you're likely to appreciate. But they do have their difference. Whether you're in search of a compact sedan or a mid-size option, lets' discuss what sets the 2019 Genesis G70 and 2019 Genesis G80 apart.


The first thing you're likely to notice is size. The Genesis G70 is a smaller model than the Genesis G80. That doesn't mean the Genesis G70 is less competent though. It offers four doors and room for driver and passenger alike. Its compact size will make it ideal for navigating the roads of Glendora and Burbank.


These two Genesis models also differ in terms of performance. Both cars can be equipped with powerful engine options and performance parts, which means when you opt for the Genesis G70, you won't feel like you're coming up short. Additionally, the Genesis G70 can be equipped with a six-speed manual transmission.

2019 Genesis G70
  • Up to 365 horsepower
  • Available All-Wheel Drive
  • Available Brembo Brake System
  • Available Launch Control
2019 Genesis G80
  • Up to 420 horsepower
  • Driving Modes
  • Available Sport-Tuned Suspension
  • Paddle Shifters


As you could expect, the 2019 Genesis G70 can be equipped with convenient features. Boasting an available 9.2-inch touchscreen infotainment system, your Genesis G70 can help you navigate area roads. Better yet, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay will keep you connected no matter where you're at. Both vehicles also boast a range of safety features, including:
  • Smart Cruise Control with Stop & Go
  • Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist
  • Rear Cross-Traffic Warning
and more. Genesis understands that if you're in the market for a new sedan, it's likely you travel with passengers often. It's for that reason that Genesis models work hard to give you the safety you need to feel confident.

Find the Perfect Genesis Sedan for Your Lifestyle Needs

Are you a driver looking to improve your time behind the wheel? Exploring what the Genesis lineup has to offer is likely the right move for you. The 2019 Genesis G70 brings the luxury and performance Genesis is known for and places it in a compact package, perfect for navigating urban areas. At our dealership, we're proud to offer a healthy inventory of new Genesis models to our customers. Whether you're looking for a top-trim Genesis G70, or would like a base model, it's likely we've got a model that will suit your needs at our new Genesis dealership.

We encourage you to set an appointment at our dealership where you will be able to test-drive the 2019 Genesis G70 and compare it directly to the new Genesis G80. That way, you'll know you're getting the right vehicle for your lifestyle needs.

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